2011 venue requirements

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Add details to 2011 locations investigated if you're considering bidding for a particular town/city.

Venue bidding closes at 1200 on Thursday 30 September 2010.

Outline format for 2011

Date: Saturday and Sunday 16-17 July 2011.

3 streams (plus breakout area)

  1. General/keynote (Conference Room 1)
  2. Developer/specialist/advanced (Conference Room 2)
  3. Beginner/miscelleaneus/spontaneous (Conference Room 3)

Each session is a one 1 hour block starting on the hour - however actual sessions start at 5 mins past the hour and finish 5 mins to the hour.

In rooms 2 and 3 half hour sessions can be scheduled starting on the hour and half hour.

Start/finishes of sessions will be managed by room moderators.

Venue specification for 2011

All requirements that can't be met must be flagged, along with alternative proposals.

Any pre-conference requirements, e.g. names/emails/details for wi fi/site access/security, must be stated up front with deadline if applicable, so we can gather required info at ticket sales time (along with t-shirt sizes and extra names for multiple buys)

Hours for all areas 0900-1830 Saturday and Sunday (includes 0.5 hour before/after per day for rig/de-rig)

Venue must provide adequate signage — or we must be allowed to provide and stick up our own.

Conference rooms are preferred rather than lecture theatres to encourage informal interaction, particularly for rooms 2 and 3.

  • Conference Room 1 - capacity 200 (must have sound system with mics for presenters and attendees with sound line out facility)
  • Conference Room 2 - capacity 100
  • Conference Room 3 - capacity 50
  • Breakout room/area - capacity 30
  • Catering area - for tea/coffee/water
  • Sponsors area - for sponsors tables and promotional material

All rooms must have wifi internet access of sufficient capacity.

All rooms must provide sufficient mains plug sockets (eg for attendees laptops) or we must be allowed to lay out our own (we now have 10x5M and 10x2M extensions) - taped down safely, of course.

Floor plans of rooms must be provided for planning purposes.

Conference rooms are used for sessions given by individuals or teams, and must have:

  • Tables for laptops, notetaking etc
  • Flipcharts, pens and paper
  • Video displays that can be driven by presenter laptop

The venue must have easy access to:

  • Reasonably priced accommodation for attendees - if deadlines for discounts are involved, must be clearly stated up front.
  • Public transport facilities with national and international links
  • Bars, food, pubs etc
  • Reasonably priced car parking


Provide outline plan for socials:

  • Venue for Friday pre-event informal gathering
  • Venue for Saturday 'official' social


Bids must provide expenditure figures for:

  • Venue conference facilities
  • Any venue deposit required
  • Venue catering
  • Saturday 'official' social
  • Any other costs