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WordCamp UK 2009 running order version 2.0 (last updated 1514 GMT+1 21 July 2009 to include sessions added during the event)

Time Holder/Dunraven [capacity 200] Emma/Enniston [capacity 100] Appledore [capacity 15]
Saturday 18 July 2009
0930-0950 Registration/coffee Grid (if required)
0950-1000 Introduction Tony Scott H/D H/D
1000-1100 Quickfire show and tell Simon Dickson H/D H/D
1100-1200 Building Audience + Community Chi-chi Ekweozor Enterprise and Corporate WordPress David Coveney of Interconnect IT
1200-1300 Plugins Pluings Plugins Dan Milward Open Rights Group Exploring post type Matt Harris BC
1300-1430 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1430-1530 The WordPress client/developer process from start to finish Jonny Allbut Un Conference - WordPress e-Commerce Workshop and Brainstorm Dan Milward
1530-1630 WordPress Past and Projects Present - A little WordPress history, on going solo, and a couple of projects. Mike Little TBA Visibility and Security - Luisella Mazza, Search Quality Senior Analyst, Google
1630-1730 WordPress Q&A Matt Mullenweg Tony Scott Peter Westwood H/D H/D
1730-1800 End of day 1 wrap up Tony Scott H/D H/D
Sunday 19 July 2009
0950-1000 Introduction Tony Scott H/D H/D
1000-1100 WordPress in the Health Sector Michael Kimb Jones Localisation (into Welsh + other languages) Rhys Wynne
1100-1200 Integrating WordPress Mu, BuddyPress and bbPress Simon Wheatley Hosting WordPress Dominic Monkhouse
1200-1300 WordPress in government II - Downing Street and beyond Simon Dickson Site doctors: Let the experts help you! Dave Mee Nick Garner Hwa Young Jung BC Create a news site David Coveney of Interconnect IT BC
1300-1430 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1430-1530 Wordpress SEO: Tools, tips and tricks to help you get more traffic Nick Garner WordHack Jeff Van Campen Principle of social media v government policy Esko Reinikainen BC
1530-1630 WordPress for News Organisations David Coveney of Interconnect IT WordHack Jeff Van Campen WordCamp 2010 Hayley Marsden (Niuserre) Tony Scott BC
1630-1730 WordPress Question Time Tony Scott WordHack Jeff Van Campen BC H/D
1730-1800 WordHack report back Jeff Van Campen + On WordCamp itself Tony Scott + Closing Tony Scott H/D H/D