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If you're interested in speaking on any of these subjects:

  • Add you name and contact details after the relevant subject below
  • If it's a new subject add it below along with your details
  • BC = session added, BarCamp style, during the event

Please follow the same format as last year.

The inclusion of any topic at the event will be confirmed by listing in the running order.

Please note to take part in a presentation you must be an attendee (ie have a ticket) at WordCamp UK.

(Please don't edit the currently posted h2 headings of sessions, since this will break links)

Quickfire show and tell

First session of the first day: a rapid-fire procession of (ideally) all participants - who are you? why are you here? and what do you do with WordPress? A good icebreaker, and an opportunity for participants to single out the people they want to chat to later. I felt it's the one thing we sorely missed last time. - Simon Dickson

Plugins Pluings Plugins (or Running an Open Source Project)

Talking about the hurdles to get a Plugin to over the 300,000 downloads mark.

I will discuss the infrastructure we have in place to support our Plugins, what we did to get the WP e-Commerce Plugin back up to speed (code overhaul + introduction and demo of using the new template engine etc) and the rationalle behind the WP Wiki Plugin and the Campaign Monitor Plugin.

I can also go over some of the things to do and not to do when launching a WordPress related project. - Dan Milward

Writing for blogs

Content, style, generating article ideas

Building Audience + Community

attracting and connecting with readers

  • Could be a talk, panel or talk + Q&A?
  • Think this would go down well as a panel + Q&A. Gives the audience an opportunity to contribute and share ideas. Would love to take part. Chi-chi Ekweozor

Localisation (into Welsh + other languages)

Maybe not enough interest for all 'delegates', but is relevant locally to Cardiff.

More and more public bodies and civic groups are using WordPress for their blogs or for building websites which they either need or desire to have in both languages (English and Welsh), but the WordPress.org translation is out of date.

A chance to bring developers, volunteer translators and potential users (who might even pay for translations!) together and hopefully spur more up-to-date translations?--Rhys 09:52, 17 February 2009 (UTC)

MegaPress - Integrating WordPress Mu, BuddyPress and bbPress

Getting all the *Press stuff working together, and enabling a single login across it all. - Simon Wheatley

Enterprise and Corporate WordPress

These days some 70% of our work comes from developing WordPress solutions for large organisations. As it's a little niche for some this may be best suited to the smaller room. I can cover the specifics of what large companies tend to look for and need, and discuss some recent cases. David Coveney of Interconnect IT

WordPress for News Organisations

By the time WordCamp comes around, we will have implemented one significant news website which (we believe) is likely to be one of the most sophisticated WordPress installations worldwide. I'd like to cover some of the challenges met, how we solved them, demonstrate the solution, and discuss what we learned - all in a short talk. David Coveney of Interconnect IT

From fag packet to 202 sites in 2 days

The unexpurgated story of the design and development of the Twestival site, built using WordPress MU. Tony Scott

Wordpress SEO: Tools, tips and tricks to help you get more traffic

Wordpress is wonderful for SEO (Its why it's the spammers choice). Advice on how to tune your site up for search engines including:

  • getting the best out of 'all in one SEO' for wordpress
  • dynamic sitemaps
  • automatic redirect on 'www to no www'
  • the value of page and post titles
  • the power of good meta descriptions
  • tricks on how to make your site easy for the engines i.e. css tricks so engines see your content before all your code
  • and loads of reference sites to get you up to speed on attracting the right search traffic to your site

Nick Garner

FYI: Google loves Wordpress, see the article about matt Cutts (Google employee) saying lovely things about our favourite blog platform

WordPress in the Health Sector

Last year the NHS Foundation Trust I work for developed a new WordPress powered public facing website Link.

This is the first time that I am aware of where WordPress has been used in a NHS Foundation Trust.

Initial ideas are to talk about the future of WordPress in the health sector and how I convinced my employer to move into unknown territory.

I would also like to highlight my future ideas for using WordPress in a health environment and how it can be used to develop sites which:

  • Save money
  • Give a fast turnaround
  • Are easy to use
  • Allow for a better dialogue with patients and staff

Since forcing its way into our hospital WP has been a huge success and I've already lined it up for another 2 projects.

My talk would last around 45 minutes and I could pad it out with a few NHS tech quips and some experiences of my personal freelance WP loveing.

Wordpress in Sport

We've been using Wordpress to support the English Table Tennis Association's online properties for a while now, powering everything from their events calendar, as a CMS for their main site and also to power their many blogs. We could give a presentation on how Wordpress makes an effective development platform for large organisations where content is being managed by a large body of people and where numerous developments need to be centralised - not just traditional blogs.

Chris Garrett, Rachel Carney

Genius Bar

A WordPress genius bar. Somewhere to get your niggling problems solved or that upgrade done. Probably best done as a sideshow event rather than a presentation.

Peter Westwood

State of the Word

The future of WordPress, what's coming soon etc.

Matt Mullenweg Peter Westwood

How did they do that?

Suggest an interactive workshop session looking at some impressive Wordpress sites (particularly ones that don't look like out of the box Wordpress) to discuss how they have been implemented - widgets, plug-ins, tricks etc.


WordPress Question Time

A panel of five answer questions put by other attendees. The session will broadly follow the format of the long running BBC TV series Question Time, with a session chair (me!) leading in a David Dimbleby-type fashion! No need to table questions beforehand. If you want to be on the panel add your name here.

Tony Scott


Let's have a hack session, maybe on the Sunday afternoon, in a social innovation camp stylee. Everyone puts their heads and talents together to build something useful and WordPressy.

Dave Briggs

Djpaul 16:54, 23 June 2009 (UTC): Would something BuddyPressy be allowable?

@djpaul - Don't see why not Tony Scott

Hosting WordPress

The importance of customer service and the delivery of SLAs – this is why WordPress hosts with PEER 1. How to choose a hosting provider, and how podcasters, designers and developers can get value for money from their hosting contacts, and avoid paying for services they don't need.

Dominic Monkhouse PEER 1 UK MD

Un Conference - WordPress e-Commerce Workshop and Brainstorm

A bit of light banter around the table. I will talk about the new WP e-Commerce. You can ask me questions and we'll look at the future of WP e-Commerce. This will be an opportunity for you to help us forge future versions of the Plugin - Dan Milward


Any blank sessions at the beginning of WordCamp UK will be filled using a BarCamp grid.

Tony Scott

On WordCamp Itself

A chance for people interested in the running of WordCamp UK itself to talk about plans for the future - like maybe getting a bank account, perhaps even incorporating. Probably something that can go in the little boardroom. Maybe have it late in the weekend and let people contribute feedback directly.

Hayley Marsden (Niuserre)

The WordPress client/developer process from start to finish

I will be sharing my insights into the working cycle of a WordPress based website from start to finish. Some of this you will know, but other areas might not be so obvious. It will be relevant to web developers, ad agency account managers - infact anyone that wants to design a website using WordPress be it commercial or non-profit!

Along with the working process, I'll be highlighting a number of plugins and template tricks that allow you to move WordPress away from a blog platform into more of a CMS 'website' platform.

Discover the potential pitfalls, save valuable development time and keep your clients happy!

Jonny Allbut (Jonnya)

Site doctors: Let the experts help you!

Does your site feel off-colour? We can help! BC

Dave Mee Nick Garner Hwa Young Jung

Create a news site

Create a news site using the Caribou theme in half a hour. BC

David Coveney of Interconnect IT

Principle of social media v government policy


Esko Reinikainen

WordCamp 2010

Discussion on next year's WordCamp UK and the proposed core organising group. BC

Hayley Marsden (Niuserre) Tony Scott

Exploring post type

Move towards a CMS BC

Matt Harris