2011 event reports

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Please follow the format used for the 2010 event reports.



Slides / Presentations

WordPress for Mobile - slides for this talk are on my blog at http://compass-design.co.uk/blog/wordpress-for-mobile/ or on Slideshare at http://www.slideshare.net/rachel_mccollin/wordpress-for-mobile.

Advanced SEO with Wordpress - Advanced SEO architecture and insight into blackhat link building with Wordpress: Nick Garner The Presentation: download / view on Slideshare: Advanced SEO with Wordpress

Beyond the 5-minute Install - Security and development tips and tricks for installing WordPress, presented by Steve Taylor. Slides available on SlideShare: Beyond the 5-minute WordPress Install

How to content manage everything - Techniques to make WordPress themes as usable and flexible as possible for the end-client, presented by Robert O’Rourke. Slides on slideshare: How to content manage everything

How to make money from an agency - A session on the economics and simple rules for running an creative business where there is more than one of you, presented by Norman Wilson. PDF: How to make money from an agency

Lessons learned from selling WordPress themes - Presented by Noel Tock. Slides on SlideShare: Lessons learned from selling WordPress themes

Legacy to Latest - A whirlwind tour of upgrading legacy WordPress installs along with pointers on migrating table based plugins to custom posts. Presented by Kieran O'Shea. Slides on SlideShare: Legacy to Latest Code: ZIP File of Code Examples

Build a custom theme in one hour - Presented by Jonny Allbut. The demonstration theme built for the presentation is now available for download (Free, GPLv2): Ribbon Wonderflux theme