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This page is for the use for WordCamp UK 2010 venue bidders to detail locations (city/town) and venues being investigated to avoid duplication of effort and to facilitate the possible pooling of bids.

See 2010 timeline for the outline of bidding process.

Follow the format in this example for each location being investigated:

  • Location (city/town name)
    • Name of bidder(s)
    • Notes - include venue(s) being researched


  • Liverpool
    • David Coveney of Interconnect IT
    • Currently working with BT Convention Centre Liverpool to see if this is a viable option. If not I will withdraw and offer help to the Manchester bid. The centre has conference facilities for up to 11,000 people, but more realistically there are a large range of facilities, with reasonably priced accommodation and restaurants very close by to this state of the art waterside facility.
    • Opted to withdraw as prices were a little higher than budgets may allow for, and I'm also really struggling for time. Maybe next year!
  • Portsmouth
    • University of Portsmouth
    • Our conference department have confirmed (today) that they could fulfil (and exceed) the current venue requirements. They can also provide lunches and 3* B&B accommodation for all delegates under one roof (with bar area that can accommodate 200 punters). The uni can also handle registration & payment if necessary (with normal + early bird rates, including last minute people). There appears to be a good deal of flexibility in tailoring the location, acommodation and services to whatever is desired (or not required). Official bid to follow once I get the numbers through (probably tomorrow). --Ear1grey 14:56, 20 October 2009 (UTC)