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Some other things to do in Cardiff...

Doctor Who and Torchwood locations

Cardiff is where a lot of the new "Doctor Who" series as well as the spin-off shows "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures" are filmed. It is practically impossible to wander through the city without seeing locations from the shows everywhere. Not far from the Future Inn hotel is the Roald Dahl Plass which features prominently in Torchwood. If you want to plan a walk through the city to see locations, take a look at doctorwholocations.net.


There are several geocaches in the Cardiff bay area alone and a lot more throughout the rest of the city. If you want to try your luck with them, have a look at this map.

Red Dragon Centre and the Doctor Who Exhibition

Just across the car park from WordCamp UK is the Red Dragon Centre with a cinema, a bowling alley, a whole bunch of restaurants and, of course, the Doctor Who Exhibition. Indian restaurant, Spice Route, comes well recommended by Cardiffians. There's also a casino if that's your thing.


Techniquest is a science museum aimed a kids that's great fun for adults too. Especially good if you've got little ones coming with you.