2008 structure ideas

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Combination of speakers and workshops


A parallel structured track and barcamp track


Structured in day and social in evening (bar?)

Some free-for-all

Pre-organised program with some free-for-all sessions

Formal events

Keynote speeches, chaired interviews, seminar panels, Q&A sessions (spontaneous or predetermined)

Semi formal events

Interest groups where people get together around a particular subject, discuss issues, exchange ideas and a group spokesperson feeds the main points back in a plenary session. Interest groups are a good way of forging niche-related contacts and the life of these groups often continues outside the conference.

Informal events

Blog hub (space to plug and play), blogger lounge, bar, dining, music, competitions, merchandise

Two days

First day focus on how to be a better blogger, the second on the development and future of WordPress. Combining themes would be important; that way, people who may not be able to get to both days - for time or cost considerations - can opt for one over the other depending upon relevance.