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Trying to start discussion on how much folks are willing to pay, as this will affect where we can hold the meet up and what facilities/food/drink/goodies.

Please contribute your thoughts, it is important the team organising the event get a good idea for the budget.

I'm happy to pay £50 for weekend but obviously happy to pay less :-) [GeoffJones]

Wouldn't a discussion be better on the mailing list? Anyway, I'd probably spend up to a maximum of £50, but it would depend on what the presentations etc. would be about. --Csogilvie 20:16, 21 April 2008 (UTC)

Personally I find the email way of doing things incredibly messy - seems so much easier to use a wiki - keeping different aspects on separate pages and being able to tidy things up as you go along --Geoffjones 23:48, 21 April 2008 (UTC)

I'd rather go for the lower end, eg £20, and try and get as much as we can from sponsors. This would be useful to encourage those who will be travelling to the event (eg myself coming from London!) --Tony Scott

The lower end for me too, please: it's probably going to £50++ to get there. --Brenda Burrell

Same here please! It'll cost me a lot to get to Birmingham and even more to get a room for the night. JordanH 20:57, 28 April 2008 (UTC)

Cheap as chips please! Accommodation and transport is not cheap, so if you can get revenue from sponsors I think that would be a good idea - Darren Cronian

Lower end too please - £50 seems a little steep just before my tax bill thanks (but happy to contribute around £30) --Ninjaboy

£20-25 seems reasonable for just a ticket, travel and 'housing' expenses will total £60-90+ surely? So total cost is going to be upwards of £100 for even the most streamlined participant. You want to steer clear of the £200 mark for sure. - Mike W.