2008 pre-conference mailout

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Any messages people need included in a pre-conference mailout.

WordCamp UK 2008 running order


Code Surgery: Got any WordPress development questions or problems?

On Sunday we'll be holding a code surgery. During this session you have the opportunity to ask your burning questions about WordPress development, or get a fresh pair of eyes on some code you're working on. All questions welcome, don't worry about whether they're too simple or too complex... we're happy to help with anything.

We do need you to know your questions in advance, so please submit them here: http://www.simonwheatley.co.uk/code-surgery-questions/


If you're in Birmingham on Friday Night don't forget to pop-in to Penny Blacks in The Mailbox, where an informal gathering of WordCampers will be taking place.

Saturday sees a WCUK party at The Old Royal, Church St, Birmingham. Bring your brains for a quiz.

Full details of socials http://wiki.wordcampuk.tonyscott.org.uk/Social_events

The Venue

Drinks are available in the Atrium Bar and downstairs in the public Internet Cafe area, which also sells a small selection of snacks.

You are free to enter and leave the venue (Please keep your pass visible!), which is surrounded by cafes, bars and food outlets - but you are kindly requested not to consume your own food and drinks on the premises.

Please don't stick/fix anything to the painted walls in the venue, all damages must be paid for!

If sponsors would like to fix up posters, please use the many glass partitions and windows to do so using blue-tac.