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Could everyone indicate if they can attend WordCamp UK 2008 by adding their name below.

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(23 July 2008 - This is not a list of actual attendees to WordCamp UK 2008.)

  1. Karen Bryan - Travel blogger would like to attend and speak about creating and maintaining a blog for your business.
  2. Mubin Ahmed - Wanting to come down, and can also speak if you would want me to.
  3. Geoff Jones Willing to help with accountancy and VAT
  4. Sue Bailey, willing to help with anything except accountancy and VAT.
  5. David Coveney from Interconnect IT Happy to provide expert speaker from a commercial background, developer information (probably through colleague James Whitehead), may also be able to offer some sponsorship.
  6. Tony Scott
  7. Neville Hobson also willing to help with just about anything except accountancy and VAT.
  8. Vixx Willing to help with anything - am a WP theme designer with several years experience as a WP user and enthusiast.
  9. Graham Gilbert
  10. Holly Doyne Long standing practice at running on-site reg for events. Willing to help where ever else.
  11. Ian Covey - Feels obliged to say he'll help but not sure what he can do ;0)
  12. Colin Ogilvie - from PlusNet.
  13. Christopher Weddell
  14. Andrew Rickmann - I will definitely attend at least one of the days.
  15. Stef Lewandowski - I can possibly help with sorting a venue out, promoting it around Birmingham, potentially finding some cash to fund speakers, hotels, flights etc. and generally making everyone feel welcome in our city!
  16. Pete Ashton - Same as Stef only with much less speed and efficiency and a lot more faffing. But not the funding.
  17. Nick Booth - Same as Stef and Pete - but a lot more like Pete. Excited.
  18. Jon Bounds - will help, is probably less good at most of this stuff than others already offering. ;)
  19. Simon Howes
  20. Chris Unitt Birmingham resident with a badge that says 'I'm Here To Help'.
  21. Andrew Dubber I'll be there. Will be asking Pete, Stef and Nick 'How can I be helpful?' Might start Compulsive Wordpress Site Instigators support group.
  22. Sukhi Dehal - From 383 Project
  23. John Newbold - From 383 Project
  24. Andrew Yates - From 383 Project
  25. Duncan Arrow - busy setting up and administering a multi-domain, multi-user Wordpress MU system. Would like to attend at least one of the days.
  26. Ruth Ward - can help to promote and also make people welcome in our great city!
  27. Paul Henderson - Busy with WPMu, happy to talk about anything we've done at ruralnet and take pics too
  28. Brenda Burrell - expat Brum-lover and WP addict would love to come along/help/learn
  29. Paul Thewlis - Brum-based so willing to help out with anything
  30. Stuart Parker - Birmingham resident & photographer
  31. David Barnes - Brum-based, work for Packt publishing, not a WordPress expert but hope to come.
  32. Steve Miller - A bit late, but I'll be there.
  33. Nick Carson - even later, but interested
  34. Chris Garrett - I'd love to attend.
  35. Kevin Rapley - Birmingham based web designer / developer using Wordpress for various projects. Interested in attending and getting involved any way I can.
  36. Craig Hamilton - Birmingham-based musician, songwriter and owner of Commercially Inviable - a record label. Happy to help out.
  37. Sally muffins anyone ??
  38. Peter Westwood - Sussex-based WordPress lead developer. Happish to present/host sessions.
  39. Mark Steadman - Brummie web developer and recent WordPress convert. Looking forward to the event, and would be happy to podcast it.
  40. Adrian Moss - happy to help promote event and podcast
  41. Benjamin Ellis of WOWNDADI/redcatco
  42. Mary-Ann My website is the sum total of what I can do with WP so if I can do anything useful to help let me know.
  43. Michael Atkins of numeeja - Hoping to attend both days
  44. Michael Martin Blog designer from Northern Ireland.
  45. Richard Williams - WordPress addict since 2005 - willing to help including accountancy and VAT, if pushed.
  46. Sam Bauers - Developer at Automattic - Willing to present and spout opinion
  47. Daniel Woolstencroft Leicester-based blogger, definitely going to do my best to attend. Recently started doing some more in-depth Wordpress hacking to launch a couple of online ventures after being a Wordpress user for years.
  48. Paul Bradshaw - write about blogging for Press Gazette, Journalism.co.uk, etc., teach it as a senior lecturer in online journalism and new media at Birmingham City University. I also run journalismenterprise.com and birminghambloggers.com) - will help in any way I can: I'm guessing the best ways I can help are promotion (OJB is the UK's no.1 journalism blog) and organisation (I organised JEEcamp and a Citizen Journalism conference in Birmingham).
  49. Kevin Kempton, and fellow team members from powerplaygoal.com
  50. Karl Randay, wordpress designer and CSS/accessibility expert at Schmakk.
  51. Paul Long, Media & Communication BCU, just entering blogging activity (works with Bradshaw; working on AHRC-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership in Music and Radio. I can help by gaining access to BCU sites for face-to-face events (http://www.mediacourses.com/staff_team)
  52. Mitu - based in Portsmouth, would love to attend.
  53. Mike Little - Stockport. Would love to come.
  54. Sam Clarke - Will be attending both days. I will also be attempting to LiveBlog the entire event.
  55. Azeem Ahmad - Freelance Online Journalist, and Webmaster of http://www.environmentalnewsonline.com, I will help in any way that I can.
  56. Rich Boakes - Willing to help with: PHP/HTML/CSS code surgery sessions, making things work, talking about making things work, and propping up the bar afterwards.
  57. Julia Gilbert, Birmingham - happy to do any organisational stuff and making people feel welcome etc.
  58. Chris Garrett (chrisg.com) - Let me know how I can help, will certainly promote the event.
  59. Krishna De - what a terrific idea. Certainly happy to help promote on my blogs and podcasts etc - now need to check my flights from Dublin
  60. Alex Bellinger - What bliss! Lots of great people already and a weekend to talk and learn about one of my favourite things on the web.Damn, can't now make it. Very annoyed!.
  61. Kieran Barnes would like to attend.
  62. Darren Cronian Would love to attend, and will try and get a small group (4-6 people) of travel bloggers together to attend.
  63. WordSkill One, possibly two attendees, coming down from Edinburgh.
  64. Jonnya (AKA CMS Builder) Cool - can't wait - I live in Birmingham! Count me in guys!! May bring one or two other people.
  65. Inky Sounds great - I'm good at registration sort of stuff - can't be100% sure but defo want to come
  66. Mark Kirby - Providing I don't go to Latitude festival which is unfortunately the same weekend I'll definitely be there, I'll spread the word in Brighton too
  67. Jeff Van Campen - Looking forward to hearing what people have been doing with WordPress.
  68. Richard Johnson - is loving the press!
  69. Caspar Aremi - Two coming from London.
  70. Ewan Spence - Coming down from Scotland, with sleeves rolled up to pitch in.
  71. Simon Dickson - consultant/blogger at puffbox.com, earning a living pushing WordPress into government. Glad of an excuse for a weekend in Brum, having studied there 1990-4. I'm told it's changed a bit since then.
  72. Paul S Usowicz - count me in and possibly one more.
  73. UrbanSkaters - Would like to attend.
  74. / hugh fraser is looking forward to it.
  75. Gurbir Singh - Host of an audio blog for amateur astronomy. Interested in leading a Science/technology themed session. Want to start planning now. Happy to hear from other science/technology bloggers who may want to participate in such a session.
  76. Dave Briggs
  77. Bob Jones blogger, former journalist and journalism teacher at City University, London.
  78. Andy Hartwell Director of Substrakt Ltd, occasional blogger, Wordpress lover... looking forward to it!
  79. Jim Braitwaite Director of Substrakt Ltd, even more of a Wordpress lover... also looking forward to it!
  80. Chris Waring Part-time Substrakt-er, Currently Working at Talis Information and converting their blogs to the wordpress mu platform. Keen to get involved :)
  81. Zohar Manor-Abel Junior project manager at Atticmedia, Wordpress blogger in English about Everything, Wordpress blogger in Hebrew about Macintosh computers . Attended Wordcamp IL 2007
  82. Damian Counsell—proprietor of PooterGeek and the Wedding Photography Blog, and builder of the Index on Censorship and Prospect Magazine blogs.
  83. AndyW Web Developer / Long Term Blogger.
  84. Brendan O'Neill Writer
  85. Graham Hallas Freelance Wordpress Web / Blog Developer and Teacher of Technology, Based in Wakefield , Yorkshire.
  86. Mark McGuinness Great idea, looking forward to it.
  87. Alex Walker - from Indigo Clothing, official WordPress Shop suppliers
  88. [1] - Paul Nicholls, lifelong Brummy, Podcaster, lawyer, social media bloke and blogger.
  89. [2] - Richard Johnson, Site designer, Musician, WP New User.
  90. expressandstar.com / MNA Digital - David Page, Web Development Manager
  91. expressandstar.com / MNA Digital - Mark Cadman, Lead Developer
  92. Clive Catton - Systems support for R K W Internet
  93. Alex Zylberberg -> I use wordpress in many sites in many different languages.
  94. Osita Ibekwe - I am in! Just grabbed a ticket and looking forward to it, see you there.
  95. Geraint Palmer - I am a Birmingham based Web Developer, I was at Wordpcamp UK but only just got round to adding my self :D
  96. Brian Simpson - Lurked at WordCampUK and became enthused!