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This page is for the use for adding proposed projects and names of those wishing to take part in WordHack UK 2010

WordHack on Twitter

List of those wishing to hack

Saturday Lunch / Voting on Ideas

It was suggested on the mailing list that we could all go out for lunch on the Saturday and vote for the ideas. I am also proposing we have a twtPoll or similiar starting on the Friday night and closing Saturday before lunch, to help us gauge audience feeling if required.

On this note anyone interested in lunch please contact me (Shaun) through the mailinglist, @wordhackuk or put your name below.

  • Shaun Hare
  • John Adams
  • Mark Adams

Project Proposals

IDEA 1: Multisite RSS aggregator plugin

A plugin to deliver an single aggregated feed (using the usual options e.g. just post/comments/per category etc) for all sites on a blog using the multisite feature. Preferably configurable by end user, possibly using authentication aswell.

UseCase would be : User x likes a number of blogs on the same domain but does not want to subscribe to a number of feeds just a single feed and does not have familiarity with something like Yahoo pipes or Yql to achieve such a thing.

Originator : Shaun Hare (@sdh100shaun)

IDEA 2: Unified Content and site search Analytics Plugin

A plugin to deliver an admin panel detailing site search analytics (list of search queries carried out on the blog) and content/tag/category popularity and pingbacks. Allowing wordpress admins to analyse user content requirements and help inform future direction/usability testing and improve overall user experience. Inspired by work of Lou Rosenfeld. Possibly with some data visualisation when we are reporting numbers and possible some output of better related content autolinking.

IDEA 3: Volunteer Rota Plugin

Many people use WordPress as the public website for their voluntary organisation. They probably also have a long list of volunteers who carry out particular duties within that organisation, following a rota system.

I've been meaning for a while to develop a generic plugin that would allow organisations to manage that rota online, within their WordPress environment. The rota could either store all the rota data within additional WP tables, or potentially have the option to use a Google Spreadsheet.

Use Case 1: Administrator sets up a grid of roles and dates - Plugin options screen

Use Case 2: Administrator/volunteer populates the grid with names - Plugin options screen

Use Case 3: Site visitor views the grid with different views: whole grid, next x dates, next date. Widgetised display, preferably.

This might have been done before, I'll do a bit more research on it before WordHack so that we aren't reinventing anything already available.

Originator: John Adams (@johnthegeo)

IDEA 4: Event Management Plugin with Ticketing (payment via PayPal)

I am yet to find a decent plugins on GPL that does event management well or one that handles the payment effectively. I am proposing a plugin that would do this well and make easier for people.

Unlike other plugins still uses WordPress post types and categories to manage event, I am proposing with WordPress 3.0 custom post types we should be separating out event management from post type.

Also ability to sync event with Facebook, upcoming, Eventbrite and other services.

Originator: Azizur Rahman (@azizur)

Payment for tickets idea credit: @wordhackuk for this tweet [1]

IDEA 5: Commentable WordPress site based on Government data

See the OpenAid Project Page

Follow the format in this example for each proposed project:

  • Project name
    • Brief outline of project
      • Name 1 project originator and contact details (website or Twitter) (add idea to indicate project originator)
      • Name 2 interested in being on project team and contact details (website or Twitter)
      • etc
      • Name x interested in being on project team and contact details (website or Twitter)