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This is the page for WordCamp UK related social events.

Birmingham bloggers

Birmingham Bloggers' meet-up roughly once a month. We're a bit rubbish at setting dates (and we deliberately mix up the venues). We've just set up paradisecircus.com to try to help the organisation… — Jon Bounds

Friday informal

Informal meeting

Date: 18 July 2008

Time: Booked Privately From 8pm

Venue: Penny Blacks, The Mailbox, Birmingham

Just very informal drop-in, have planned/guestimated that around 50 people may attend?

Penny Blacks is a nice bar in the Mailbox development beside the canals (about 5 mins from venue, nearer to nitenite hotel if that's where people are staying), not to formal but very good selection of beers and a relaxed atmosphere.

Have provisionally booked a private area at this bar from 8pm onwards (it's likely to be sectioned off at the rear of the bar).

The bar does very good food if people want to eat, traditional stuff like bangers and mash or fish and chips.

I've been to many events here before, the BBC is nearby and use it a lot, and have always been impressed. - Jon Bounds

Saturday WordCamp UK social

'Official' do for attendees to WordCamp UK

Date: 19 July 2008

Time: 8pm to 11pm (bar)

Venue: The Old Royal, Church St, Birmingham. Walking distance to city centre, in financial district. The Old Royal BITE entry

Geeky quiz with random teams, and then a DJ.

This venue, is in a traditional pub - and is again Free. It has a PA available to have the Quiz (which I'll write and compère), and we'll sort the DJ stuff too.

It would be nice to provide some food and drink — do we have a budget for this? Or does anyone think we could get extra sponsors for this in particular?

Prizes for the quiz? Again sponsors would be great to provide these (just something small). [JB]