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WordCamp UK 2010 running order version 2.0 (last major update 12 March 2010)

Time Room 1: General & user Room 2: Specialist & developer Room 3: Misc & spontaneous Room 4: Genius Bar
Saturday 17 July 2010
0930-0950 Registration/coffee Grid RM1 RM1 RM1
0950-1000 Introduction Tony Scott RM1 RM1 RM1
1000-1100 Quickfire show and tell RM1 RM1 RM1
1100-1200 How WordPress themes changed the world "Canonical Plugins" - getting involved
1200-1300 WordPress theme frameworks and template tricks Managing multiple WP instances WordPress - How Far Can You Go
1300-1430 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1430-1530 Site doctors: Let the experts help you! WordHack Beyond Blogging
1530-1630 WordPress and more in Big Media WordHack
1630-1730 Jane Wells Automattic WordHack
1730-1800 End of day 1 wrap up Tony Scott RM1 RM1 RM1
Sunday 18 July 2010
0950-1000 Introduction Tony Scott RM1 RM1 RM1
1000-1100 Building for Accessibility and getting ready for HTML 5 Introduction to BuddyPress BackPress
1100-1200 Adopting WordPress for a group of Malta-related websites Extending Wp-e-Commerce WordPress for small nonprofits: an ideal solution?
1200-1300 Great Plugins (WOW Plugins?) Mike Little I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here
1300-1430 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1430-1530 Simon Dickson WordPress grows up: lessons from Factory Records Developing & Theming with BuddyPress Testing Strategies for WordPress
1530-1630 WordPress in the Enterprise II Simon Wheatley Looking at aggregation, community and iOS integration with WordPress, from the perspective of a few of my projects.
1630-1730 Demonstration of projects by WordHack teams. Open discussion Tony Scott RM1 RM1 RM1
1730-1800 Open discussion continued. Closing remarks Tony Scott RM1 RM1 RM1